RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

Karaoke Corner: Danny’s Midway

Karaoke Corner: Danny's Midway

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)


O’FINNIGANS; EVERETT, WA Good times at O’Finnigan’s

By Ty Hughes

The weekend is here! Where to go? Allow us to make a strong suggestion of heading down to O’Finnigan’s Pub at 13601 Hwy. 99 S. in Everett for karaoke bliss with host Scott E. “B” every Friday and Saturday night.

O’Finnigan’s is party central when the place inevitably becomes packed to the gills with young, nubile bodies of all shapes and sizes with one thing in mind; get loose and shrug off the cares and concerns of a long work week. They’ve got it going on here, and smack dab in the middle of all the action, mixing it up, is KJ Scott E. “B”, working the crowd into a frenzy with his karaoke magic. It sounds like a regular nightclub when things really get going. The music is crystal clear and loud, just how you like it!

Scott E. “B” has been hosting karaoke since 1993, starting out on the Eastside. His faithful wife and number one fan, April, attends every show and loves every minute of it. They just bought a house in Kirkland and enjoy spending time with their new baby, now two years old, plus they’ve got a couple teenagers running around too.

Scott works a day job and then makes his way to the bar for a full night of karaoke every weekend night. Where he finds the energy, nobody knows. When he’s not working the crowd at O’Finnigan’s, Scott E. “B” is busy hosting weddings, corporate events and private parties. If you’re looking for a professionally hosted karaoke party or DJ to work your party, give Scott E. “B” a call at (425) 736-2977 or check out his Web site at www.myspace.com/butterfieldproductions.

Scott says the atmosphere at O’Finnigan’s is “tension-free”, so everybody can feel comfortable getting up on the mic whether it’s for the first time or the millionth. His experience on the mixing board is amazing, bringing his performers to karaoke excellence right from the start.

Steve got up and did “Snow” to a resounding applause, Rich lays down “Amarillo By Morning”, and Bill prefers to let Scott E. “B” to choose his songs for him, sort of an ongoing suicide karaoke.

It was Ben’s birthday when we showed up, and he was the beneficiary of a “Blow Job” from a willing female participant. He took a chair in the middle of the room, someone placed a shot between his legs and she promptly “went down on him”, wrapping her lips around the shot glass, burying her face in his crotch and came up with the shot in her mouth. The crowd went crazy! Ben was thankful, but a little embarrassed, to say the least.

O’Finnigan’s is a really good time. Everyone is extremely friendly and easy to meet here. You’re bound to make some new friends and come away with a new favorite hotspot after spending an evening here.

Scott E. “B” hosts karaoke every Friday and Saturday, but you can enjoy karaoke at O’Finnigan’s seven nights a week – and we suggest you do!

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