RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

Karaoke Corner: Danny’s Midway

Karaoke Corner: Danny's Midway

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)


Get your karaoke fix at Seattle’s Industry Lounge

By Ty Hughes

Maybe it’s the eccentricity in the décor, or the diversity of patron that makes the Industry Lounge such a magnet for creativity and interesting humans.

Anyone with half a personality is drawn to this place for reasons well-known. Just ask John and Beth what keeps them coming back week after week. See what Jerry the Entertainer says about hosts Triple J and Michellay, and why he’s a fixture here.

The fact is, everyone in the building is polite and friendly, downright frisky even. Just a neat bunch of people down at the Industry in Seattle off Michigan. Rare are those locations that sweep you up and fill your senses like this bar. Seems I always leave here with a handful of new friends. Here there is no judgment or drama on any level, just a bunch of people out for a night of enjoyment. Finally a bar that gets it!

Actually, it even goes deeper than that. It’s almost like the building has some kind of supernatural effect on it’s occupants. Plays havoc with our frontal lobes and we become one peaceful race, the human race, with our eyes on the similarities and not the differences all the time. Everyone here is beautiful in their own rite.

I’ve said it before, the Industry Lounge is a special place, and Triple J and Michellay take their audience to another place and time.

In fact, they call it Old School Sundays, and they party up until 2am strong. Good times at the Industry!

Michellay runs the equipment and Triple J keeps the spirit alive among the people. She recently made big strides in her bid on the hit TV show X-Factor, getting all the way into the Top 100 out of hundreds of thousands of people. She has a voice that’ll knock you out! But, to no avail, Triple J keeps her holed up in the sound room all by herself.

Nah, she loves it. And she’s very good at the technical side of things.

Talkin’ about big flirts, have you met Lady Sam? Daing, this girl is super friendly! And wouldn’t you know it, she’s like a sister to the infamous AuntyPumpkin who showed up to see what all the excitement was at the Industry Lounge. AuntyPumpkin, as you know, is a virtual Seattle icon for karaoke.

Lady Sam goes on to tell me that she has lost 297 pounds over the last four years. I’d say she looks ravishing, and I’d just met the woman! What an amazing story she has to tell.

Char was in the house, all decked out and looking super fine. Dancing and singing was in her past, present, and future, no doubt. She shook it up pretty good that night.

Joe brought Triple J and his backup singers on a trip through karaoke Industry-style. And the people were happy.

Turns out, Darnell is coming to host the Industry on Fridays beginning in November. Those of you who karaoke in the southend know Darnell. His reputation definitely precedes him. Put it this way, even Triple J reveres the man completely. Friday is gonna be blowin’ up at the Industry Lounge. Gotta get in there and become one with the spirit. It’s a lot like a visit to the Chiropractor, only WAY better!

Industry Lounge is south of downtown Seattle at 6601 East Marginal Way S.



  1. Jomar says:

    Ever since I stepped foot inside industry I been looking forward to my Sunday’s every wk love that place!

  2. KaraokeJunkie says:

    Sunday Night at the Industry is addicting, love it! Fun times, Fun People…..Great show!

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