RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

Karaoke Corner: Danny’s Midway

Karaoke Corner: Danny's Midway

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)


LAKEWOOD BAR & GRILL; LAKEWOOD, WA Rose buds in Lakewood

By Ty Hughes

Rose at the Lakewood is the hottest karaoke host in the Southend guaranteed! Sorry everyone else, you are loved, but Rose is hot and the boys love, love, love her show. So much in fact, that they’re expanding the karaoke. Rose is now hosting her karaoke four nights a week, Wednesday through Saturday from 9pm to 1am. Plus, she still tends the bar three nights a week! She described her outfit planned for the coming SuperBowl party and it was sexay! And, by the way, in an earlier article I said that Rose grew up in California, when in fact she grew up in Chicago. My bad. I don’t know why that really matters here, but there ya go.

So, all by herself, Rose has taken karaoke to amazing heights at the Lakewood Bar & Grill. Her little corner operation has become quite the draw out in Lakewood. They’ve got the crackling fire, the light pine interior siding, you get that cozy-mountain-lodge feeling in here. And the singing audience continues to grow. Like I said, Wednesday thru Saturday karaoke.

Rose does a perfect job of balancing her involvement. Usually, she puts herself quietly in the background, giving the spotlight to her singers, which is how it oughta be. Karaoke is all about the singer’s experience, and Rose will maximize your experience at the Lakewood. She’s excited about her newly computerized system with over 18,000 songs to choose from. Rose’s karaoke show is bringing in all the young studs and their friends, filling the bar. Brent sang Lookin’ Out My Backdoor, Mike the military man sang Cumbersome, Max did the We Were Merely Freshman song, and Todd sang 16 Tons, great song. Todd’s typical 25-man entourage of song-sampling friends were on leave tonight, except for Heidi, Anessa, and Kat, who each got to sing for us too. Ken, Mike and Leo worked together on Sweet Caroline.

They have tons of TV monitors, some with the lyrics, some with sports and shows. Full menu is available until closing time, that’s huge! Stop in and pay Rose a visit. She’s adorable, you’ll hit it off right away. Sing some, stick around awhile. You’ll fit right in.

Lakewood Bar & Grill; 7505 Steilacoom Blvd Sw, Lakewood, WA (253) 582-9195.

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