RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

Karaoke Corner: Danny’s Midway

Karaoke Corner: Danny's Midway

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)


One Eyed Jacks celebrates Tom’s birthday in style

Regardless of whether or not February 2nd is an important day to you or not makes no difference to Tom McAlees, owner of the northend’s most awesome entertainment venue, One Eyed Jack’s Roadhouse. February 2nd carries all the meaning in the world to our friend Tom who celebrated his very own birthday while the rest of you celebrated Groundhog’s Day.

Three days later, Tom invited all his friends, plus some people he doesn’t even know, out to his bar to party in the name of his birth, and oh yeah, a little something coming up the next day, the Super Bowl. The only difference with Tom’s parties and ours is simply that he’ll hire a killer local band called Good For You to take his stage and deliver hit after 80s rock hit, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Motley Crue and Journey. Close your eyes and you’d swear you were listening to the original bands. Outstanding band, Good For You, and Tom didn’t even charge a dime to get in and see the show! The singer and lead guitarist made a trip through the audience, who was enjoying every minute of the concert.

I was certain I’d find Tom doing the Happy Dance on a table and all his adoring girl friends would be egging him on. Instead, he was chillin’ behind the sound equipment for the band after a long day behind the bar. Oh yeah, another advantage to Tom’s parties is that he literally has a fully-stocked bar and the drinks are tasty and priced right! He was glad to be able to entertain his guests, but didn’t seem terribly excited to be staring his 49th birthday in the face. We shared a toast to prosperity over a couple shots of Whipped Cream Vodka (have you tried this stuff? Yum!), and I left him to his spoils. What happened after that is purely conjecture.

Tom works tirelessly to provide his patrons with top-notch entertainment all week long. Karaoke four nights a week; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Gong Show Tuesdays is friggin’ hilarity at it’s best. Chase The Ace Fridays with Sandra Dee is really building steam. Everyone loves Sandra Dee to death, she’s a consummate pro.

On Wednesdays, they’re doing a fun Hip Hop Dance Night, and Texas Hold ‘Em tourneys every Saturday at 3pm and 6pm.

Another great night of celebration is planned for Tuesday, March 8th, which will be OEJ’s 8th Annual Fat Tuesday Gong Show Party! Talk about a blast, come out and support… “We’ll supply the beads!”

Face it, Tom’s parties kick our parties’ ass. Get your fun-loving rear end out to One Eyed Jacks and get a taste of this place, you’ll love it here!

One Eyed Jacks is at 14019 Hwy. 99, Lynnwood, WA, phone: (425) 743-5570.

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