RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

RTB NEWS: Mary McPage and The Assassins

Karaoke Corner: Danny’s Midway

Karaoke Corner: Danny's Midway

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)

March 2014 Hard Copy (PDF)


Paradise Bowl presents the Bull Market Bar & Grill

By Ty Hughes

The Paradise Bowl is proud to present the all-new Bull Market Bar & Grill! And to commemorate the grand opening, they’re hosting a big Tuesday night karaoke contest with a generous payout of $1,000 in cash and prizes!

We’ve all driven past the Paradise Bowl at one point or another in our travels. You “T-towners” may have spent an afternoon on the alleys, bowling the day away with your kids, or maybe YOU were the kid! The Paradise Bowl is an important part of the Parkland community’s history and landscape.

The lounge has been completely remodeled and owner, Stan Templeton has totally revamped and reinvented the place, turning it into a real stylish club. The all-new Bull Market Bar & Grill has many new features, including a well-defined stage slash seating area with chiffon draping and bows cleverly binding the railings to the ceiling and back again. Purples and reds shimmering. A modest dance floor lies at the foot of the stage, where Tacoma’s beloved Alabama stands framed as if on a balcony, serenading his audience. As always, a class act, and a pleasure to listen to.

Vera was front and center at the Bull Market, all dressed up and singin’ her heart out. She was lovin’ this!

Who’s running the show you ask? None other than our old friend, Jan Michaels and his right-hand man, Skip Sharrow. Together they are Fun House Entertainment and make a great team, hosting a fun karaoke show every Tuesday night from 9pm to closing. Jan’s the entertainer with tons of great ideas, and Skip’s the technical master. They’re all set up inside an elaborate sound booth jutting out into the room. They’ve got this place dialed in. It sounds awesome as long as you’re around the stage. The speakers don’t include the back half of the room… which could be a good thing. However, I think Jan and Skip are lobbying to change that. As it is, a six-foot half-wall separates a quieter group of booths for lounging. Plenty of seating around the bar, and lots of comfy booths.

Right in the middle of the room is a cordoned-off section of sectionals where folks can relax in living room bliss. The short divider wall has these cool, built-in blue lights flush on top. Little touches like this make such a difference.

The pool tables are within spitting distance of the singers, and get a good bit of attention. Pool players gather en masse, enjoying their matches, with little regard to the karaoke going on just feet from them. The rest of the bar is rockin’ the karaoke. It seemed to work here.

Tom Haley was up for some singing. He left his posse at home, opting to work the room alone. Before you can say “Neil Diamond”, he was chatting it up with the prettiest girls in the bar.

Diane and Lisa both tore it up on the mic, when given the chance. The karaoke here is still new and growing, so you can sing practically as much as you’d like. Of course, Jan and Skip are hoping to change that too. In that vain, they’re running a karaoke contest with a humongous payout of $1,000 in cash and prizes! Come in on Tuesdays to qualify and win!

During their daily happy hour from 3pm-6pm, you’ll enjoy $3 wells, $2 domestics, $3 micros, and $2 off pitchers, plus special prices on chicken wings. The Bull Market rolls out quite a menu, packed full of yummy goodness; steaks, ribs, burgers, seafood, salads, soups, sandwiches, and pizzas.

The servers are young, cute, and right on time – good at keeping tabs on everyone in the room. Come out and see the all-new Bull Market Bar & Grill, inside the Paradise Bowl in Parkland (Tacoma), the address is 12505 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma (253) 537-6012.


  1. Lori says:

    Hi there, is the contest ongoing and if so what is the scoop? I would love a chance to enter to win!!!
    Please send details!

    Thank you so much,
    Lori :)

  2. admin says:

    Lori, thanks for the note. The Bull Market finals were last night actually. Contest is over. Check the Karaoke Guide often for ongoing contests to participate in. Thanks, Ty

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